Important lessons from Lord Krishna to the students of today

August 25, 2016

Lord Krishna, one form of the Supreme Lord, teaches everyone the right way to live. On the day of Shri Krishna Janamashtami, we bring some important teachings which apply no matter you believe in Krishna or not.

Believe in Karma and success will follow

This should be the only goal of a student. This is your age to study hard and make the foundation of a successful life. Do not waste time on things that do not matter, for e.g. mindless chatter with friends, TV etc.  

Your parents have expectations from you and your duty is to fulfill that. All this is certainly possible, if your focus is on doing your Karma.

Act without worrying about outcome

This has been said many times but no one can deny how true this is. Many times students start worrying about the results of the entrance exams even before they start studying for the same. They should set a goal for themselves and start working towards it. It is no use being tensed all the time about the results. The only thing it does is make your studies unfruitful.

Believe in Supreme power but do your job

Again very well said! This goes out to religious people who pray and believe in God. We all know prayers and meditation help us concentrate and focus. But, to just pray to God for good results and do not put enough efforts will never give the desired results.

Live in the present

Don't worry about the future, forget about the past! Many times students worry they have wasted a lot of time and have not studied enough. Stop the worry immediately! Just focus on the time left and make the most out of it. You have today, which will not come back,  so  make the most out of it.

Be righteous and believe in yourself

Last but not the least, being righteous means doing what is morally right. Do not cheat others, your parents and do not even cheat yourself. It is easy to just pretend you are studying, you are going to classes and spending time with books. But if you are not really studying then it is cheating. 

If you are preparing for engineering entrance and you hate it, just be open with your parents and discuss if you can do something that is justified for your talents and abilities.

Finally, happiness and success is what everyone seeks in life and following these basic rules will make you very successful and happy.

TS EAMCET 3 to be held on September 11, 2016

August 8, 2016

The government of Telangana has scrapped the TS EAMCET II Exam 2016 due to the leakage of paper.

Now TS EAMCET 3 Entrance Exam 2016 is going to fill Medical seats available with the colleges of Telangana state.

New Exam Date - September 11, 2016

As per new schedule, the examination will be conducted on September 11.

TS EAMCET 3 Application Details

Candidates those applied earlier EAMCET 2 are no need to apply EAMCET 3 Entrance exam again. The students those not applied EAMCET 2 can apply EAMCET 3 Exam freshly. Students can download a fresh EAMCET 3 Hall ticket 2016 to attend the exam.

Name of Exam
TS EAMCET 3 (Medical)
Application Mode
(For previously not applied candidates only)
Online Application Starts
3rd August, 2016
Last date to submit Online Application Form
To Be Updated shortly
Date of Examination
11th September, 2016
Results for EAMCET 3
To Be Updated Shortly
Official Website

EAMCET 3 Application Fee

Online application fee for EAMCET 3 has exempted to pay for all candidates.

TS/Telangana EAMCET Medical Syllabus

Please refer to the complete syllabus for TS/Telangana EAMCET from for the Medical. Currently we are not offering the Engineering entrance exam.

Complete TS EAMCET Medical Study Material 

How to get admission in AFMC Pune through NEET

August 4, 2016

You got success in NEET-UG!
But if you are dreaming to get into the prestigious Armed Forced Medical College, Pune you need to do more than that.

What is AFMC?

AFMC is an Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) entrance exam, which is affiliated by
Maharashtra university of Health Science and recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India)

Criteria for applying in AFMC

  • Indian citizenship,
  • Unmarried,
  • Medically fit,
  • Age requirement: if your qualification is 10+2 then your age should be 17 but less that 22 years and if you are a B.Sc. candidate then your age should be less than 24 years, and
  • Should apply for NEET exam which is conducted by CBSE

Selection Process after application

Shortlisted candidates out of all those who apply will have to appear in the following additional examinations:
  • Test of English Language, Comprehension, Logic & Reasoning
  • Psychological Assessment Test
  • Interview of Candidates
  • Medical Examination of candidate

Availability of seats

AFMC offer seats to only 130 medical cadets (105 boys & 25 girls). Out of which ten seats are reserved for SC/ST categories. Expected Cut off marks required for admission in AFMC for girls is  550 (subject to change) and for boys: 500 (subject to change).

Got Scared about this Exam?

Want some guidance!
Let Simplylearnt help you!

We definitely feel proud to serve you a great service in preparing for this exam. We have a complete study material and study plan for preparing for AFMC. The AFMC preparation package includes study material for NEET-UG exam and the preparation material for Test of English Language, Comprehension, Logic & Reasoning.

  • Check out the NEET-UG and AFMC Syllabus - click here
  • Check out the NEET-UG and AFMC Study Material - click here

How to solve Pedigree Analysis related questions

July 30, 2016

Pedigree analysis related questions are pretty simple to solve if you understand the concept. These questions just involve plain logic.

Some Important Concepts 

That you must know

  • Dominant traits: - The phenotype appears every generation
  • Recessive traits: - Traits which are not dominant.
  • X-linked dominant/ recessive: Trait is never passed from father to son.

Some Important Rules

Rule #1: Every gamete carries exactly one allele for every gene.
Exception: Sex linked genes in males.
There is an exception to this rule because some genes are carried on the X or Y chromosomes, and sperm get one or the other, but not both

Rule #2: Any individual with the recessive phenotype (appearance) must be homozygous recessive.

Rule #3: Any individual with a homozygous recessive offspring must have at least one recessive allele.

Rule #4: Any individual with a homozygous recessive parent must have at least one recessive allele.

Rule #5: Don't guess. If the information isn't available, don't guess.

Also you need to remember these points:
1. Since the pedigrees presented are simple pedigrees, the following assumptions can be made:
a. No new mutations occur in the families. This means that a dominant trait must occur in a parent if it appears in a child. This also means that if a recessive trait appears in a child but does not occur in either parent; both parents must be heterozygous carriers for the trait.
b. All traits are 100% penetrant. This means that if the genotype for the trait occurs in an individual, the trail will appear.

2. If neither parent is affected,
a. The trait cannot be dominant.
b. The trait could be recessive and either parent or both could be heterozygous carriers.

3. If one parent is affected,
a. the trait could be dominant and the affected parent could be heterozygous while the unaffected parent is not a carrier
b. the trait could be recessive and the affected parent is homozygous while the unaffected parent could be a heterozygous carrier

4. If both parents are affected
a. the trait could be dominant and both parents could be heterozygous carriers which means that some of the children could be unaffected
b. the trait could be recessive meaning that both parents would have to be homozygous and all the children would have to be affected

5. Consideration of X-linked or Y-linked traits:
a. X-linked recessive
      i. affected male children must have a heterozygous mother
      ii. an affected female will transmit the trait to all male children
b. X-linked dominant
      i. affected males transmit the trait to all daughters
      ii. affected sons must have an affected mother
c. Y-linkage
      i. male to male transmission only
      ii. no affected females

Enjoy solving questions!

Biology Reference on SimplyLearnt

How to study Biology for entrance exams

Biology is the most important subject in any entrance exam for two reasons
1. Most of questions will be in the Biology section
2. It is the most competitive section

For anyone who has opted for PCB, Biology would most likely be their favorite subject.
But even if it is not one of your favorites, here are some tips that will help you get through.

Tips for Studying Biology

Tip# 1: Read to understand

Contrary to popular belief – Biology is NOT just cramming. Biology involves a lot of understanding as well. For example, if you just understand how the process of digestion takes place, you will not need to “memorize it”.

Tip# 2: Did not understand? Now watch to understand!

Ok, so you were not able to understand how does mitosis take place? Why don’t you watch an animated video about it. has lots of concept videos which have been curated from the internet for your benefit.

Tip #3: Focus on important chapters first

The first chapter in biology textbooks is on classification, which is mostly theoretical. It is not even the most important chapter. So instead of starting from the first chapter, take a look at the chapter weightage from previous year papers and prepare accordingly.

Tip #4: (MOST IMPORTANT) Practice Questions

This is the most important part that students miss out. Practicing questions not only gives you an idea on the important “parts” of the chapter, it also helps you in memorizing the chapter. Keep repeating those questions and you will soon memorize all of them.

Tip# 5: Prepare Notes

Well, this works for some people and does not work for others. But if you feel that preparing notes helps you to understand and memorize, then do this more often – especially for the concepts that you are having a hard time to understand

How to approach the Biology Section in the exam?

Since Biology is mostly a theoretical section, you either know the answer or you don’t. So if you are unsure of an answer, then its best to skip it and move to the next one. Ideally, in the exam, the Biology section should take the least amount of time so try attempting it in the beginning itself.
Sometimes, you feel that you know the answer, but are not confident. In that case, use the process of elimination. Try thinking about the meanings of the all the other answer options, and concluding the best answer possible. But remember, that most competitive exams have negative marking as well, so better leave a question un-attempted than attempt it incorrectly.

Bonus Tip – How to solve questions related to genetics?

This is a very common problem faced by Biology students. Genetics is one part that seems very difficult to understand. The best way to solve any question related to genetics (especially those that ask you to predict the ratios of those F1, F2 generations), try drawing a Punnett square. It is time consuming at times, but it will help you get to the right answer very easily.

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads

June 17, 2016

We know a SUPER HERO, we call him DAD!

There has undoubtedly been only one person on earth who you turn to when you need something! 

Your Father!

Candies, ice cream, toys, gadgets, WHATEVER.

And other things you never cared to think about, clothes, food, shelter, education!

Father's Day is here to think and thank!

Of course, it is next to impossible to realize the hardships our fathers go through to provide us the comforts. 

And Yes! it is impossible to give back whatever we get from our parents. 

But, there is not a happier moment for a father when his children succeed and go farther than him in life.

Crack your entrance exams! Fulfill your father's dream!

One sure dream your father will have is to see you get a GREAT RANK in the entrance exams and get a great college. They would have already saved money for your fees, your hostel etc. They would have already thought of a gift to give you if you get a good rank.

It is your turn to realize their dream. 

Give all you can! 
Study as hard as possible!

Let SimplyLearnt help you!

While you are working hard SimplyLearnt and Prep Buddy are their to help you do well. We are also offering a discount on our SMART subscriptions especially on Father's Day to let you surprise the HERO in your life.

Start Preparing Today!

How to Prepare for NTSE?

June 16, 2016

If you want to do it, you’ve got to promise yourself that you will put in an honest effort. We have a roadmap for preparing for NTSE which if you follow diligently, you are likely to clear the exam. We also keep track of your milestones and help you stick to your path.

Milestone 1 

Milestone 2

  • Begin your preparation according to your study plan. You are free to choose any chapter to practice any time. You can practice the questions in a unique practice lounge where it is so much fun to practice questions. Chapterwise NTSE Question Bank.
  • Finish up at least 3 chapters. See tips on how to prepare a chapter for final exam.

Milestone 3 

  • Finish up at least 15% of your syllabus. Finishing up a chapter means you have solved at least 20 questions on the chapter. Do not worry about wrong answers.
  • Ideally chapters are picked up from your study plan but if you want to go out of that order, pick Do or Die chapters. See NTSE Syllabus based on chapter importance.

Milestone 4

  • Finish up 50% of your syllabus.
  • Reattempt all your wrong answers once again
  • Begin your improvement plan. See your improvement plan.

Milestone 5

  • Complete the entire syllabus for NTSE by practice 20 questions on each chapter and reattempting wrong questions once. 
  • Take Timing Improvement Test on 50% of the chapters.
  • Participate in online mock tests by Keep a watch on your email for notifications on these.

Milestone 6

  • First Revision for the entire syllabus. Repeat the questions already solved at least once. 
  • Get to the Green level on Improvement Plan for 50% of the chapters
  • Take Timing Improvement Test on remaining chapters.
  • Become a Chapter Expert on 3 chapters. 

Milestone 7

  • Get to the Green level on Improvement Plan for all chapters
  • Bring average question timing on chapters between 1 – 1.15 minutes
  • Become a Chapter Expert on 5 chapters

Milestone 8

  • Take 2 Previous Year Papers of your state and 2 Full Length Mock Tests. 
  • Do second revision of the syllabus

Useful Links:
NTSE Videos
NTSE Notes
NTSE Tips and Tricks

Prep Buddy is always available for help in case you need anything. You can always use many reporting options on the platform to tell us if you are facing difficulty.

Happy Preparation