Life of An Engineer - Happy Engineers Day!

September 15, 2017

How to become an ENGINEER…..
In most families, jaisey hi beta hua toh…..

Actually ENGINEER…. are not made by their families. They build on their own by their innovative thinking….
An ENGINEER…. never give up in doing impossible tasks.
An ENGINEER…. always finds the best solution for any problem….
An ENGINEER…..always enhance their work so that it can make every human life easier….

An ENGINEER…. always leads the world to the greatest technology….
We thank every

 who have made our life sooooo easier and simpler….

Super September Offer - September Bonanza!

September 8, 2017 once again has been come up with the great discount offer September Bonanza

Wondering what is September Bonanza?

Well, it is a “discount offer” which is offered on student’s popular demand, the September bonanza allows you to avail 70% discount on SMART study packages for Engineering, Medical, NTSE & CAT exams.
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  • NTSE Exam
  • CAT Exam

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Celebrating International Literacy Day

September 8 is International Literacy Day as declared by UNESCO. The main aim of this day is to highlight the importance of literacy to each and every person.
If you can read this post then consider yourself extremely lucky that your parents decided to give the most important thing in life other than food shelter and clothing i.e. education. But, even today in this world around 800 million adults lack basic literacy and children in the same order drop of out school early.

Coming to India, we all know the education scene of the country is abysmal. Government starts a lot of initiatives and invests a lot of money but in the end due to sad bureaucracy, the results are not as satisfactory.

What can we do?

For the world to go forward together, it is important that all of us to be literate. We have so many people around us who immensely help us in our day to day lives but are so backward as they are illiterate. We all can help them a bit starting with understanding money so that do not get cheated.  A great African-American proverb "Each One Teach One" can be our motto for life which does not even seem difficult to do.

This Year's Theme: Literacy in the digital world

Our world is deeply connected now through the digital medium. From banking, shopping and even health care is going completely online. Access to data services via phones are also getting cheaper. Hence, it becomes especially important for us to make the less educated people remain abreast with current times. They need to be taught to remain safe against cyber thefts as well. 

"Each One Teach One" will again help us contribute our bit to the betterment of people of this world.

Happy International Literacy Day!

4 solid reasons to take NTSE - Check it out!

September 6, 2017

Are you wondering why you should take the NTSE?

After all, you have to prepare for the same in class 10, when you also have the board exams. It is a lot of hard work but an exam worth preparing for.

We give you 4 solid reasons for doing the same.

Reason #1 - NTSE is a scholarship exam
The students who will qualify second stage (stage-2) are eligible for the scholarship. The amount of scholarship is to Rs.1250 per month for class XI and XII and Rs.2000 per month for students studying undergraduate and above.

Reason #2 - It shines in your resume
Being an NTSE scholar is a big thing. Only select few people in the country get this scholarship. Hence, when this achievement goes on your resume it is awesome. You are automatically considered best of the best.

Reason #3 - It’s a win-win even if you don’t get the scholarship
Preparing for NTSE prepares you for the most sought after exams of the country, like engineering or medical entrance and CAT.
  • The Mental Ability Test (MAT) is unique as it is not directly taught in schools. It improves your reasoning ability and is a part of many competitive exams.
  • You know what it means to prepare for competitions with your regular school work. It’s useful when you prepare for engineering/medical with school board exams and CAT with college studies or job.
  • English Language Test will also prepare you well for future

Reason #4 - You become a superstar of your group
In your family, school and friends, as an NTSE scholar you are considered a superstar. After all you are one of the smartest people of the country.

“When you start seeing positive in everything your life and its goal becomes easier to achieve”

Achieve your goal (Get Scholarship) this time by preparing for it with the SMART study material, It has all requires to be exam ready.

Why should I take the CAT exam?

September 4, 2017

CAT exam is required to get admission into the top MBA programs of the country including the IIMs.
Admission to MBA programs is eligible to people who clear the cut off on CAT exam and clear the group discussion(GD) and personal interview(PI).
With all the hype around preparing for CAT may make it seem difficult to prepare but the benefits of doing an MBA are many.

Reason #1 - MBA degree teaches you managerial and business skills

An MBA degree gets you a leadership position in top companies. The MBA graduates are well sought after for their strategic thinking skills which are a result of the extensive training of the MBA program.  Your horizon and depth of knowledge also increases.

Reason #2 - Networking and access to business network
As an MBA graduate, you get chance to network with other people in business circle. There is a chance for you to know the who’s who of the industry. This gives you an opportunity to land yourself into a dream job and climb the corporate ladder quickly.

Reason #3 - MBA graduates are highly paid
MBA graduates bag top positions in a company and their compensation is likewise higher than people. This is definitely a great enhancement in your career. Although a lot of people do their MBA right after their undergraduate program, it is advisable to get some work experience to gain the most benefit of this program.

Reason #4 - Explore new career opportunities
Whatever your stream for undergraduate studies be, e.g. engineering, medical or commerce, you can venture into new domains like finance, entrepreneurship or human resources.

Reason #5 - You end up with a super personality
An MBA program is rigorous training in leadership, communication and professional skills. Most of the projects done in teams and hence your inter-personal skills are also improved.

So if any of this excites you then start thinking about appearing for the CAT. The exam is computer based and happens every year in the month of October and November.

Prepare for CAT with SimplyLearnt
SimplyLearnt provides a comprehensive preparation for CAT. It is a completely online program giving you right practice for the computer based test.

Most Important Chapters of MH-CET Engineering

September 1, 2017

The MHT-CET or Common Entrance Test is an annual entrance exam conducted by the Government of Maharashtra. It is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education. The degree courses of Engineering & Pharmacy streams are mainly accounted for in this entrance exam.

In order to crack this entrance test, you must know about the most important chapters and exam related information.

Check out the most important chapters list below of all three subjects (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry)
  • Kinetic Theory Of Gases And Radiation (12% questions)
  • Oscillations (8% questions)
  • Atoms, Molecules And Nucleic (8% questions)
  • Rotational Motion (7% questions)
  • Electrostatics (7% questions)
  • Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current (6% questions)
  • Electromagnetic Induction (6% questions)

Practice all chapters of Physics - Click here

  • Integration (9% questions)
  • Trigonometric Functions (8% questions)
  • Three Dimensional Geometry (8% questions)
  • Differentiation (8% questions)
  • Probability Distribution (8% questions)
  • Matrices (5% questions)
  • Circles (5% questions)

Practice all chapters of Mathematics - Click here

  • Chemical Thermodynamics And Energetics (16% questions)
  • P-Block Elements - Group 15 To 18 (9% questions)
  • Coordination Compounds (9% questions)
  • D And F Block Elements (8% questions)
  • Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers (8% questions)
  • Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen (8% questions)

Practice all chapters of Chemistry - Click here

When you have prepared these chapters, take some improvement test and recap test to evaluate your performance till the time.

Most Important Chapters of CAT

August 29, 2017

CAT 2018 exam is knocking the door!
Just 3 months left for the exam, and students are panicking and getting stressed about its preparation.

Well, it is never too late to start preparing if you know the right path to go.
The first step of yours should be - knowing all your exam related information well.

The second is to select the high-weightage topics out of all and prepare those chapter well. The most important(Do or Die) chapters for CAT 2018 are as follows:
Quantitative Aptitude:
  • Number Systems and Number Theory (12% questions)
  • Geometry (10% questions)
  • Mixtures and Alligations (6% questions)
  • Set Theory (5% questions)
  • Probability (4% questions)
  • Pipes and Cisterns (4% questions)
  • Permutation and Combination (4% questions)
  • Races and Games (4% questions)
  • Boats and Streams (4% questions)
  • Problems on Trains (4% questions)

Practice all chapters of Quantitative Aptitude - Click here

Verbal Ability:
  • Reading Comprehension (16% questions)
  • Paragraph Jumbles (14% questions)
  • Analogies (8% questions)
  • Basic Grammar (8% questions)

Practice all chapters of Verbal Ability - Click here

Data Interpretation:
  • Data Sufficiency (20% questions)
  • Tables and Caselets (14% questions)

Practice all chapters of Data Interpretation - Click here

Logical Reasoning:
  • Sequencing & Arrangement (12% questions)
  • Logical Problems (10% questions)
  • Syllogism (10% questions)
  • Logic based problems (10% questions)
  • Logical Games (8% questions)

Practice all chapters of Logical Reasoning - Click here

Prepare these chapters first in order to complete your syllabus in a right order that will help you crack CAT this year.

How to prepare for CAT more effectively in less time?

As less than 3 months left for the exam you need to be prepared for it. Check out some useful tips to prepare for CAT:

Tip #1 - It is important to know the useful details about the exam. For example, the syllabus, the exam date and paper pattern

Tip #2 - You should have a study plan before you start preparation - Create a study plan according to your daily routine and follow it very seriously, it will help you to make things easy to memorize.

Tip #3 - Start your preparation with most important chapters first, it will help you to complete the chapters with more weightage timely & also you can do proper practice for those chapters.

Tip #4 - After completing a chapter of any subject, we recommend you to use Good Enough Meter (GEM) to analyze your performance for that chapter.

Tip #5 - If the performance is not upto the mark try taking improvement test, recap test and the weekly test. It will help you to quickly increase your score for the chapter you have prepared.

If still have any doubt, feel free to ask via email ([email protected])