How to prepare when time is less - Boards and Entrance Exams Together

February 6, 2013

You are in Class 12!Boards! Entrance! Hard Syllabus!

Every one who wants to become an engineer or doctor goes through this once in a life.

But when exam is close one does not know how to focus on two exams together.

Some students attempt engineering entrance, medical entrance and board exams all together.

So how to do it?

How prepared are you?

You may gauge your preparation level roughly.

  • Bliss - You are totally confident. Your syllabus is complete only revision remains which is also on track
  • Average - You are somewhat confident, small portion of syllabus remains, revision is also ongoing.
  • Panic - hmm, you are in a mess, you may have prepared a whole lot but are not confident.

Decide now if want to drop a year

Dropping a year to prepare again isn't necessarily bad. Many smart people take that call. You just need to know how prepared you are and whether that will take you through your exam. If you are in panic, drop a year and prepare well for board exams! Even if you decide to drop, take the entrance exam this year to get the feel.

Ideal Study Routine

Understand that the basic concepts asked are the same in boards and entrance, only their application is different. So make sure that you understand concepts deeply.

Follow these tips in your daily study routine when board exams are close by to keep entrance exam preparation on track:

  • Devote majority time to prepare for board exams but give at least 30 minutes daily to entrance exam as well
  • Do some (10-15) entrance exam related questions daily. Use for the same to save even more time.
  • Make notes while you are studying any chapter. This will help you learn concepts for entrance exams as well.
  • Every week give one day (Sunday) to class 11th topics. If you like you can divide the day between 12th boards preparation and Class 11th revision.
  • Get a good last minute study plan, that includes boards preparation time, to help you manage your time. Get the 9-Miles Study Plan (with time allowed for board preparation as well)

Healthy mind resides in a Healthy body

Finally, do not avoid rest. You need to remain healthy to think properly on exam day. Devote time for exercise and adequate sleep in a day. Also go and meet your friends once in a while and avoid "tune kitna kar liya" type discussions. Get involved in doubt clearing discussions however.

And Remember!

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