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August 15, 2017

“Practice without improvement is meaningless”
So, when you prepare for an exam, you first practice a chapter. You need proper revision to actually improve your level in the chapter. provides you improvement test on every chapter. We advise you to take it regularly.

What is an improvement test?
When solving questions you attempt certain questions wrong or leave some unattempted. Likely, you found those difficult or just made a silly error. You would have likely figured where you went wrong and now would be ready to solve them again correctly. An improvement test is a collection of all such questions so that you can repeat these again and again to become perfect.
When and how often to take this test?

Ideal time to take this test is when you have practiced some questions on If you have not done a single question wrong, then this test will not give you any question. Take the test as often as possible after doing 20-30 questions on any chapter and take them at the time of revision with a fresh mind.
Your goal should be to get a 100% score in these tests.
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FAQs About

August 14, 2017

About is the best educational platform for entrance preparation since 2009 for Engineering (like JEE, BITSAT), Medical (like NEET, JIPMER), NTSE, and CAT.

Do you have any questions about the website? 
Please check below mentioned “frequently asked questions” about the website with their answers.

Website Related Questions:

How to Sign up?
To sign up for the website click here.
Fill up all fields with required details i.e email & password then select “I’m a new user” checkbox and click on sign in.

How to login?
To log in on our website click here.
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What if I select the wrong exam by mistake?
If it happens, or your exam is now over then you can change it by clicking here.

Preparation Related Questions:

Will the study material be posted at my home? is a completely online platform and study materials are NOT printed and sent at a student's home. There are two great reasons for this:
1. Being online helps us to track your performance, check problems and difficulties faced by you, helps you to connect with other students across the country.
2. You can access it immediately and on the go 
3. No need to wait for the post to arrive and also avoid heaps of printed material.

In short, you can access it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and AS MANY NUMBER OF TIMES.

Can I ask doubts about subjects or exams? How can I ask and how will I receive a reply?
Yes! You can ask any of your prep related doubts from our experts, through various ways. You will likely receive a response from us within 24 working hours.
You can ask your doubt through our online methods (Report Problems in Practice Lounge), get help link, or write to us at [email protected] or call us at 09654891731/08506871515.

I am already going to coaching. Do I still need SMART? How will it benefit me?
Every student does self-study after their coaching class or tuitions. You can use SimplyLearnt SMART to best use your self-study time and get the edge over other students. Through the fun practice lounge, you are able to solve more questions in a given timeframe. All questions are fully solved and are available to you 24x7.
Additionally, you get following advantages over regular tuitions:
a. Individual attention is given to your practice and study records (through our software) to identify where you are facing difficulties and suggest remedies.
b. You can connect with other students across the country to prepare or compete together

Regardless of whether you go to coaching or not, SMART is your sure shot tool for cracking your entrance exam.

How can I take a demo before purchasing SMART?
You can experience SMART Subscription benefits of  4 chapters for FREE with limited access of available stuff. No feature is restricted for 4 chapters.
You can practice questions upto level 3 with full solutions, get your report card, revision tools and study material for same 4 chapters.

Purchase Related Questions:

What is the best and fastest payment option for SMART?
Fastest (and most convenient) payment option is using your credit card or an internet enabled debit card. Next fastest option is doing a bank transfer online via NEFT.

After making a payment, how much time it will take to activate my SMART subscription?
The time it would take to get your SMART subscription activated depends on the payment mode.

1. Online via Credit/Debit Card - Such a payment enables your subscription immediately. Once you receive a payment successful message go ahead and access your blocked features.

2. Cash in bank - Once you make the payment, give us a call. We will get the accounts checked and activate your subscription immediately on payment confirmation. Bank transfers can take upto 30 minutes after you make the payment at your end.

3. NEFT / Online Banking - Once you make the payment, give us a call. We will get the accounts checked and activate your subscription immediately on payment confirmation. Bank transfers can take upto 2-3 hours after you make the payment at your end.

4. Paytm Wallet - This payment mode enables your subscription immediately. Once you receive a payment successful message go ahead and access your blocked features.

Our support team is very responsive and are committed to providing any help and support and we are only a call away (on 09654891731/08506871515).

Will my money be refunded if the exam is cancelled or I decide not to take it up?
We take a lot of pride in the services we offer to our students. You will be able to realize the full value of your money. However, for refund and cancellation policy refer to Refund and Cancellation Policy.

The price is too high for me. Is there a way to avail more discount?
We have priced the SMART subscription nominally keeping in mind the features and services provided to our students. We also take a lot of care in the services and support we provide to our students after their purchase.
Discounts are offered to our students from time to time, you can keep track of your email to know about them.
You can also avail additional Buddy Discounts if you have friends who want to purchase it with you (you all will get a reduced price).
Email your requests at [email protected]

My subscription will be valid till what time?
Your subscription will remain valid at least until your exam is over.

Can I access complete study material after I purchase the SMART subscription?
As a SMART Member you will have full access to the following features:
Access to Complete Question Bank with Solutions
SMART Performance Tracking
Study Plan by Experts - Know what to study when
SMART Improvement Plan
Personalized Support and Counseling

Test Series and priced tests are NOT a part of SMART subscription.

Do I need to pay anything else after the purchase of SMART full?
No, SMART Full Subscription remains valid till your exam is over and you will not need to make any additional payment for that particular exam.

Still have any question unanswered? Then, ask your query via email ([email protected]) or call us on 09654891731 / 08506871515

Important chapters of JEE Main 2018

August 10, 2017

JEE Main is one of the toughest competitive exams for engineering in India. Every year, around 15-16 lakhs engineering aspirants appear for the JEE Main in the hopes to get into some of the top engineering colleges of the country.

In this era of cut-throat competition - Being intelligent or Dedicated alone might not be enough. You need to be smart and hardworking.

Because, “Success is the result of hard work, dedication & determination
Check out the below-mentioned list of the most important chapters (Do or Die) of Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry with their topic weightage:

Physics (Do or Die): 

  • Oscillations And Waves (10% questions) 
  • Rotational Motion (8% questions) 
  • Electrostatics (8% questions) 
  • Atoms And Nuclei (8% questions) 
  • Current Electricity (7% questions) 
  • Laws of Motion (6% questions) 
  • Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism (6% questions) 
Practice Do or Die chapters of Physics - Click here 

Mathematics (Do or Die): 

  • Integrals (9% questions) 
  • Probability (7% questions) 
  • Three Dimensional Geometry (7% questions) 
  • Trigonometry (7% questions) 
  • Vector Algebra (7% questions) 
  • Conic Sections (7% questions) 
  • Straight Lines (6% questions) 
  • Sets, Relations and Functions (5% questions) 
  • Matrices And Determinants (5% questions) 
Practice Do or Die chapters of Mathematics - Click here 

Chemistry (Do or Die): 

  • Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen (10% questions) 
  • Equilibrium (8% questions) 
  • Chemical Kinetics (7% questions) 
  • Transition Elements (d and f block) (6% questions) 
  • S-block Elements (6% questions) 
  • Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure (6% questions) 
  • Some Basic Principles Of Organic Chemistry (6% questions) 
  • P-block Elements (5% questions) 
  • Coordination Compounds (4% questions) 
  • Chemical Thermodynamics (4% questions) 
Practice Do or Die chapters of Chemistry - Click here 

Prepare these chapters of Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry to crack the JEE Main 2018 examination. 

Important chapters of NEET-UG 2018

August 9, 2017

NEET 2018 syllabus is vast as an ocean, and you need to know the exact location to put efforts and get the best output. To help you with this, we bring the MOST IMPORTANT chapters to prepare for NEET 2018.

Most Important chapters are categorized on the basis of their weightage percentage in the exam paper and the number of times they appeared in the previous years' paper.
What Experts Say? In the starting period of preparation (till October) a student should focus on the "Most Important" chapters. These chapters require time to practice and clear the concepts.
If we go with the experts and NEET toppers, dedicated practice and revision are the major factors that can lead to success. Below is the list of most important chapters (Do or Die) of Biology, Physics & Chemistry with their weightage percentage:

Biology (Do or Die):
  • The Living World (6% questions)
  • Biological Classification (5% questions)
  • Chemical Control And Integration (5% questions)
  • Principles Of Inheritance And Variation (5% questions)
  • Molecular Basis Of Inheritance (5% questions)
  • Cell (4% questions)
  • Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants (4% questions)
  • Microbes in Human Welfare (3% questions)
  • Anatomy of Flowering Plants (3% questions)
  • Environmental Issues (3% questions)
  • Morphology In Flowering Plants (3% questions)
  • Human Reproduction (3% questions)
  • Evolution (3% questions)

Practice Do or Die Chapters of Biology - Click here

Physics (Do or Die):
  • Oscillations And Waves (10% questions)
  • Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism (8% questions)
  • Electronic Devices (8% questions)
  • Kinematics (8% questions)
  • Heat and Thermodynamics (7% questions)
  • Electrostatics (7% questions)
  • Current Electricity (7% questions)

Practice Do or Die Chapters of Physics - Click here

Chemistry (Do or Die):
  • Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles & Techniques (8% questions)
  • Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure (7% questions)
  • Coordination Compounds (6% questions)
  • P-block Elements (6% questions)
  • Equilibrium (6% questions)
  • Thermodynamics (6% questions)
  • Biomolecules (5% questions)
  • Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids (5% questions)
  • Alcohol Phenol Ether (4% questions)
  • Chemical Kinetics (4% questions)

Practice Do or Die Chapters of Chemistry - Click here

Prepare these Do or Die chapters to score well in the NEET-UG 2018 examination.

All The Best!

Top 5 tips to stop being lazy and start studying today!

August 8, 2017

“Kal se padhenge”

Have you ever said that? And, in the end it is too late?

Sometimes we give these excuses to ourself or to our mummy. But overall they are harmful now for our exams and later in our professional life also.

Do you want to break this habit, but can’t? We bring 5 easy tips to help you stop procrastinating and study more in a day.

Tip #1 – Plan your day

What do you want to accomplish in a day? When you wake up, write it down on a piece of paper. You can have a whiteboard in your room or wherever you can see it all the time. Write neatly so that it motivates you.

It helps if you write smaller tasks instead one big one. For example, instead of writing “Study Chemistry” try “Read Chapter and do 20 questions – Chemical Bonding”
Make sure to cross out or erase once you complete your task. Spice it up by setting up reminders on your phone or decorating your plan

Tip #2 – Be Realistic

Let’s be honest! If you have been super lazy, studying 16 hours from the next day is impossible. So make sure you gradually increase your study time. Start with 2-3 hours and then increase your study time.

Note: You cannot study 16 hours as you need time to rest, exercise and eat. So aim for about 10-12 hours. A dedicated study for 12 hours is enough to excel.

Tip #3 – Take breaks

A dedicated study session of 1 hour should be followed by a small break. Just like you need to charge your phone after use.

If you have not been studying yet, you can take breaks after 30 minutes.
Once or twice in a day take a longer break of 30 minutes to go out for some fresh air and exercise. Have a glass of water, walk around, do deep breathing to refresh.

Make sure to avoid wasting time on Facebook, Whatsapp or YouTube. If this seems impossible, plan a dedicated time in the day for this and have screen time only for that duration.

Tip #4 – Reward Yourself

Nothing works better than a little treat to yourself. You have completed a task. You have defeated laziness, you deserve a reward!

You can small gifts and keep them wrapped in a cupboard beforehand. Give it to yourself when you achieve a goal. You can play on your phone for extra 5 minutes or have a snack of your choice.

But remember, the biggest reward is preparing well and cracking the exam so make sure you get back on track.

Tip #5 – Get Help from Family!

Your mother is most interested in seeing you study hard and do well. She will be very eager to help you. Ask her to remind you, if you are wasting time on Facebook, Whatsapp or YouTube or just being plain lazy.

You can also make a study buddy, someone who is preparing for the same exam and you both motivate each other.

Next time you feel like lazing around, give yourself a shrug and get back to studies with these easy tips.

Special Independence Day Offer - Get FREEDOM from high prices!

August 7, 2017

This year we are going to celebrate our 71st Independence day 😊🙌

What will be the actual freedom for a student? 

Well, a student's wishes are endless 😜 But still, we can help you with one thing - Getting freedom from the high prices on study material. 

We did a survey and found that around 70-80% students are having difficulties in buying online study material because of increase in taxes (GST). 

So, to get FREEDOM from the high prices study material, we bring an exciting Independence Day Offer for you with 60% Off on all SMART subscriptions(Check out more about SMART)
Check out complete offer details below:

Exam supported:
  • All Engineering Entrance Exams - like JEE, BITSAT, VITEEE, CET, etc 
  • All Medical Entrance Exams - like NEET (AIPMT), AIIMS, JIPMER, etc 
  • NTSE Exam 
  • CAT Exam 
Offer is valid from 7th to 16th August 2017 

Hurry! Don’t miss out this chance to get FREEDOM from high prices.

Happy Independence Day!

Ways to crack entrance exams without coaching

August 2, 2017

A few years ago this was the biggest question for students who prepared for entrance exams that “is it possible to crack entrance exams without coaching?
This is yet a question though! But, now we have few useful solutions for it as we have become more digital now as compared to a few years back.

When students think of not to join a coaching class but still want to prepare & crack the entrance exam with a good rank and for that, they have to think twice if not coaching then what? So, the answer is - “Online Preparation

But then some questions come up - How can I do so? Is it worth doing online preparation? Can I trust on these online websites or study material? How much I need to spend? And so on.

Check out the answers of all these questions below:

How can I do so?
It is now possible to crack any entrance exam if you start your preparation as per below-mentioned steps.
  • Know All About Your Exam - It is important to know as many details as possible about the exam you are going to give.
  • Create a Study Plan - A Study Timetable based on your daily routine and tasks to be completed.
  • Choose the chapters to study in right order.
  • Prepare, Master and Revise.
  • Take Mock and Past Year Papers
Pros of “Online Preparation”
Cons of “Offline Preparation”
No need to travel - Just need internet access and start preparation on phone
Time wasted in travelling to coaching center
No limits - access anywhere anytime
Limited time for attending class
Get your doubts solved online, Notes, tips tricks, etc.
Wait for the teacher to give the solution of your doubts, need to take notes, short tips-tricks yourself.

Is it worth doing online preparation?
Yes, it is worth doing because
  • Preparing online is now a trend for each and everyone.
  • It helps you to stay up to date with your exam (news, syllabus & pattern)
  • It does not require any traveling issues
  • As said you can access study material anytime & everywhere.

How can I trust on these online websites or study material?
You can check out students testimonial about the study material here. Also, take a demo just to assure whether it is useful for you or not.

How much I need to spend?
We ( do not encourage to waste money on anything which is not at all useful for you. Hence, You can first explore the website(for any specific exam) completely.

Take a demo of the study material and when you feel it is worth spending money on, Then only check out the price(which is absolutely affordable).  

Go through all these points to get success in your Engineering, Medical, NTSE & CAT exams.

“If Your Dream is to Fly, Our Mission is to Simplify”